Kitchen News 2021

Kitchen News 2021

Only two weeks into 2021 and with staying home being the new going out, we’ve all spend a lot more time than usual in our kitchens.

Struggling for space at the table, meal planning and cooking fatigue,  at this point just about everyone wants to revamp the kitchen..

Colour plays a huge importance in brightening our mood and what better area to inject colour into our lives than with colour in the kitchen.

Graphite, White and shades of Blue still feature hugely in kitchens but Green will be making the biggest impact this year.

Green represents balance, harmony and nature and is ideal to mix with a neutral such as ‘Snow-white’  to compliment a warm timber floor.

Subtle, smoky or vibrant, there are plenty of shades to choose from.  Hunter Green and Ivy Glen are the newest additions and my personal favourites, both can be viewed in our studio in Glasnevin.

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